Microsoft Innovation Centers


      Microsoft Innovation Centers (MICs) are facilities that provide world-class resources and support for students, entrepreneurs and startups, accelerating the creation of new companies, jobs, and growth of the local software ecosystem.

      Who We Help

      Community-focused MICs have diverse expertise and resources and offer a variety of options, such as student training, job enablement, startup incubation, and engagement in projects that help companies and governments solve local challenges.

      Any student can greatly benefit from getting involved with the MIC. You can participate in an Imagine Cup project, attend low- or no-cost technical training at MIC IT Academy, or get free access to Microsoft tools through DreamSpark. Most of the MICs participate in student-oriented activities and will work closely with you to help you reach your goals.

      MICs help entrepreneurs at all stages, from idea development to launch of a new company. Through various programs, entrepreneurs get access to skills training, mentors, and Microsoft tools, enabling them to take their business to the next level.

      HR Line

      Startup Stories

      Microsoft Innovation Centers are way to raise the tide through innovation so that all boats are lifted between government, academia, entrepreneurs, and startups.

      Cliff Reeves | Senior Director, Microsoft

      The MICs play a critical role in bridging the gap between technology and the needs of the world.

      Mandar Naik | WW National Plan Lead

      We're Global

      In over 100 locations worldwide, Microsoft Innovation Centers (MICs) embody partnership with local government, universities, and industry partners.


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